The following is a list of words for which meanings may be obscure.


  • Genetic potential: Inhumans are said to have genetic potential prior to having their Inhuman DNA activated and coming into their Inhuman nature. An Inhuman who has already had their Inhuman nature activated is said to have unlocked their genetic potential, while humans who do not possess any Inhuman DNA or only trace amounts are said to not possess any genetic potential.


  • Inhuman: Humans with a set of specific, heritable mutations that remain dormant until activated by outside forces. These mutations result in a wide variety of phenotypic changes, including (but not limited to) changes to the physical form, appearance changes, and development of superhuman powers. The specific genetics behind the heritability of Inhuman DNA is unknown but there are some known facts:
    • Humans who possess only trace amounts of Inhuman DNA from many generations of Inhumans interbreeding with non-Inhumans typically cannot achieve genetic potential.
      • However, if a human with trace amounts of Inhuman DNA produces a child with another human with trace amounts of Inhuman DNA, that child will reach their genetic potential at conception and be born with their Inhuman nature already activated.
    • There seems to be no heritability with regards to the ways in which an Inhuman's nature manifests. For example, the child of two Inhumans who both possess the power to fly will not be more likely to also possess the power to fly.
    • Inhuman DNA can be activated and genetic potential reached by only a few factors: physical contact with the DNA of another Inhuman, physical contact with Terrigen Mists, or consumption of food or drink that have been contaminated with Terrigen.


  • Potentology: the study of the nature of the Inhuman genetic manifestations and the supernatural powers and abilities associated with them. Individuals who study this subject are called potentologists.
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