Lucius Malfoy I was an Inhuman in the 16th century.


At some point during his life, Lucius aspired for the hand of Queen Elizabeth I of England but was unsuccessful in his attempt to woo her. Although never proven, many Inhuman historians believe this upset Lucius enough to make him threaten her, resulting in her well-known reluctant behavior towards marriage. This was denied by subsequent generations of the Malfoy family, but there has never been solid evidence for either side.


Inhuman NatureEdit

Like many members of the Malfoy family, Lucius achieved his genetic potential at birth when his mother was exposed to Terrigen and subsequently killed of Terrigen poisoning.

Demonic Transformation: Lucius had the ability to transform his entire body into a demonic entity. In this form, he had red skin, goat legs and hooves, a tail that ended in a sharp point, flaming eyes, and two twirling horns atop his head. He often used this ability to tormet and haunt others, claiming to be the Devil incarnate. It is believed that he used this to threaten Queen Elizabeth I of England into never marrying.

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