Nicholas Malfoy (fl. c. 1340s) was an Inhuman member of the Malfoy family. He is believed to have dispatched many humans under the guise of the Black Death. Some even speculate that Nicholas himself was responsible for the plague itself.


Inhuman NatureEdit

Although the exact nature of how Nicholas came to achieve his genetic potential is unknown, it is presumed that his mother was exposed to Terrigen while pregnant, making him an Inhuman since birth.

Disease Projection: The specifics of Nicholas' Inhuman ability are unknown, but it is known that he was capable of augmenting and increasing the devastating effects of diseases, illnesses, and plagues. This is what led to many believing that he was responsible for the sheer intensity of the Black Death, a plague which only affected humans and killed hundreds of millions. Some potentologists have speculated that Nicholas was actually capable of producing these diseases from himself and that he originated the Black Death.

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